190th Phantom Pharewell Twenty Years Ago

Scanning a few slides today and came across some spares I shot during the last days of the combat coded F-4 Phantom II aircraft in USAF/AFRES/ANG/USN/USMC service. 
My friend Jack and I were invited to visit and photograph the final four Phantoms assigned to the 190th Fighter Squadron prior to their departure for storage at AMARC and eventual QF-4G aerial target conversion.

These photos were taken on the day before the flyout during an engine run and systems checkout to make sure all the jets were ready to go for the ceremony the next day. Beautiful weather and great lighting made this a fun shoot.
The honor roll:

VAW-117 Lemurs E-2B

Different View of BB-39 USS Arizona

83 Years Ago Today November 21, 1935

Kinner Airplane & Motor Company XRK-1

Tankers 'n BUFFs

30 after 30

AV-8B 162083

89th TFS "Rhinos"