Tankers 'n BUFFs

Scanning a bunch of my old slides and ended up with some KC-135s and B-52s to post this time. First up is a B-52D 55-0096 that recently retired from the 22nd Bomb Wing to MASDC seen in a January 1979 photo.

Next up is a B-52G 57-6506 from the 2nd Bomb Wing based at Barksdale AFB in this April 1987 shot.

This time it is B-52H 60-0028 carrying the colors of the 7th Bomb Wing at Carswell AFB in November 1988.

Alaskan Air National Guard KC-135E 57-1465 on the Phoenix IAP ramp in November 1988.

71st Aerial Refueling Squadron KC-135A 56-3603 on the ramp at Barksdale AFB in April 1988

Also from the 71st ARS KC-135A 62-3576 in April 1987 also at Barksdale AFB.

30 after 30

AV-8B 162083

89th TFS "Rhinos"

Fuel Farm Felix F-14D 163417

Lockheed Altair 8D (Y1C-23)

Hall Aluminum Aircraft Corporation XPTBH-2

FROM BATS TO RANGERS - A Pictorial History of VQ-2