Kinner Airplane & Motor Company XRK-1

Kinner Airplane & Motor Company was founded in 1919 to build radial engines and aircraft powered by those engines. The company moved to a hangar at the Glendale Municipal Airport in the 1920's. The company produced several aircraft and engine designs before going through bankruptcy with the aircraft designs being sold off and the engines being reorganized as the Kinner Motor Company. Kinner engines were used in many different Fleet biplanes in the 1930's as well as the PT-22 trainer for the Army Air Corps.

Of the eight or so aircraft designs, the Envoy C-7 was the last of the breed for Kinner. The Envoy C-7 was a four seat transport aircraft of which three were sold to the United States Navy. The type was designated the XRK-1 with Bureau of Aeronautics numbers 9747-9749 assigned. 

The aircraft in the attached photos is believed to be the first of the three produced. The aircraft is painted in the US Navy's "Blue Goose" command scheme with Admiral blue forward f…

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30 after 30

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89th TFS "Rhinos"

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